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IT Procurement: Device Security and the Emerging Threat to Governments The Weak Link in Government Security

IDC evaluated 130 Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from government organizations in nine countries to determine the extent to which device security is being considered in public procurement of PCs and printers. This infographic highlights the results of that study.

2018 Cybersecurity Guide: Hackers and defenders harness design and machine learning

Across the globe, lives and livelihoods are increasingly moving online, physical and digital worlds are beginning to overlap, and digital currencies with no real world equivalent can buy real-world goods and services. Artificial intelligence is powering autonomous vehicle decision-making, finding new drug candidates daily and personalizing lessons to help students learn. 1,2,3 At the same time, doctors are performing life-saving urgeries on the other side of the globe via the internet and robot proxies while networked sensors shake up industries from power generation to public transit.4 Every year, the list of industries being disrupted by ensors, smart machines and microprocessors expands.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard enterprise company

IT security is forever chasing a moving target. So how do you strike the balance between security and user experience?


The Ponemon Institute exclusively focuses on surveying the global security community on a wide variety of topics, much of which is sponsored by F500 companies. Given the Ponemon Institute’s stellar security credentials and global reach (a database of over 100,000 across all verticals and sizes of organizations), their survey results are both comprehensive and relevant.

DXC Technology

A city Guide to Successful Digital Transformation

In collaboration with DXC Technology, IDC have developed an Infobrief document titled “A City Guide to Successful Digital Transformation”. Our goal is to appeal to the changemakers, forward thinkers and digital leaders by presenting the content like a guide for their digital journeys.

Welcome to THRIVE: the new digital destination for changemakers, forward thinkers and believers in innovation. Here you’ll find insights and inspiration from thought leaders at DXC Technology and across the tech industry who never stop thinking about new ways to help businesses like yours thrive through change.

How To Create A Culture Of Cyber Resiliency

As organizations put more stock into digital efforts and rely more heavily on technology such as cloud, attackers are becoming more sophisticated, more resourceful and better organized. The collision course is unavoidable. The goal is not to prevent attacks, but to be able to survive them and maintain operations — to become cyber resilient.

Thriving Safely In The Age Of Digital Identity Management

Organizations engaged in digital transformation need a new approach if they are going to thrive in this new world. The bedrock principle for security is no longer about the “where.” It’s about the “who.” Success requires a comprehensive focus on digital identity management. Identity and access management (IAM) can effectively establish a logical perimeter that enables digital transformation. Learn more in Thriving safely in the age of digital identity management.

Putting On The Right SOC To Fit Your Security Operations

Security operations centers (SOCs) bring together the resources needed to direct the defense of digital and even physical assets. As organizations embrace the latest digital technologies, SOCs are critical to enabling key business initiatives. With cyber threats evolving and intensifying in scope and impact, organizations of all sizes are facing major decisions about how to cost-effectively manage security operations. Learn more in Putting on the right SOC to fit your security operations.

Cyberattack biggest threat against U.S. financial system

When asked during congressional testimony last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who was appearing in front of the House Committee on Financial Services, told lawmakers that the number one threat to the stability of the U.S. financial system is its ability to respond and mitigate a large-scale cyberattack against the financial system.

Tips for taming the public cloud

IT governance is complex. Cloud governance is even more so because the whole point of cloud is to give up some level of control to application developers. That means instead of a small handful of trusted admins performing every action, a wide range of individuals in many roles have self-service capabilities. Ultimately, to ensure good governance and security, IT organizations should keep three goals in mind: Make it easy, make it cheap and make it secure.


The CISO Collective

The CISO Collective is an online content hub and mobile application that provides CISOs with one stop to find the most relevant news and information to enable them to be more effective in their roles.


White Paper – Evolving Role of Government in Cyber Security

Governments are grappling with the challenge of determining what their roles in cyber security could or should be, particularly with regard to the private sector. However, the changing global landscape should not mean that the role of governments as legitimate providers of security be diminished; governments should work to understand how the world has changed and is changing, and what their role(s) should be within this new environment of increasing interconnectedness and interdependency.



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