Konstantin Rychkov

Konstantin Rychkov

Research Manager, European Security Solutions, IDC

Konstantin Rychkov is a senior research analyst for security software in the European software and infrastructure team. His primary area of focus, interest, and passion is security software, in which he has accumulated expertise through years of standardized and custom research, constant market monitoring, and frequent communication with software companies. He plays a leading role in the biggest security consulting projects done by IDC globally.

He also supports the European Software and Services Group in the broader quantitative software research and semi-annual data reconciliation and plays a key part in ongoing data collection and modeling, content development, analysis, and quality assurance.

For his industry knowledge and vision, he was invited to join the Software & Information Industry Association in 2013 to participate as a judge for software awards in security, cloud, and ERM.

Before joining IDC in 2010, he gained wide experience in consulting and analysis during his tenure as a manager of the intangible assets valuation department of the Flagman Company in his native Russia. Prior to that, he worked as a sales manager responsible for development of the distribution chain and sales expansion.