Michael Howard

Michael Howard

Head of Security Practice, HP

As Worldwide Security Practice Lead, Michael Howard is responsible for evolving the strategy for security solutions and services in Managed Services. He works with the HP security business unit and labs to ensure HP’s leadership role in security, and also educates customers on the importance of security policies and procedures for imaging and printing.

Howard joined HP in 1999 and has been supporting HP’s growth around enterprise security and solutions for imaging and printing. He moved into the role of Worldwide Security Practice Lead in January 2012 after serving as the Business Development Manager for Security Solutions for seven years.

Prior to HP, Howard began his career in the security and high-technology field in 1981 with the U.S. Navy as a cryptologist. Over a 16-year period, he held numerous positions in the Navy in both operational and development roles, working on projects to improve overall secure communications. Howard then worked with the Department of Defense in the security field for five years before joining the private industry, where his focus has been on enterprise solutions for major corporations. His primary area of focus has been around solutions for security, document management, core content management and output management.

Howard holds a bachelor’s degree in Network Engineering from the University of Maryland.